The Black Rose Series 

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Candice Redfield 

Race- Human

Age-15 (Book 1)

Height- 5’8

Weight- 140 LB’s

Hair- Black Rose has knee length dark red hair pulled back into a ponytail, her hair turns white when she transforms into a demon.
Skin Color- Pale White
Eye Color: Golden brown
Demon Eye Color- Red and Blue
Weapons of Choice: Exploding Black Rose peddles, Black Extendable Staff, Black Whip (FanFic Verion), Twin Fan’s (Book 2)
Abilities- Mixed Marshal Art's, Book 2 Will revile more when released.
Trainers: Unknown
Allies: Shadowcat, Sinann, Black Arrow,
Sworn Enemy's: King Cobra, The Shadow King

First Appearance: Black Rose Volume 1: A Hero Like No Other


Candice was born Candice Arin Petrova her birth mother died two days after giving birth to her and her sisters. Candice was born the oldest of five quintuplet girls. One died moments after birth. Her sisters were adopted by different families. Candice is the True Heir to the thrown of Shadowharth and thus was born with power and abilities that did not surface until later in life when her life was in danger. She was also born with demonic blood making her a half demon. She got her demon blood from her father who is a full-fledged demon from another dimension. She also inherited some of his powers one in particular works with one she gained from her Shadowharthian side known as soul theft. The ability to take another person’s soul though none has ever seen the type of power she possessed. The power from her demon side allowed her to take any special gift or power another person has when taking in there soul. Unfortunately Soul Stealer's are cursed live with the voices of those they have taken in. Even though she was unwilling in taking another soul the voices remain inside her head. Most soul stealers fall into madness unable to tell the difference between the voice of those they have taken in and those standing before them.

Candice was adopted by Steve and Susan Redfield though they already had three children of their own they adopted her anyway not wanting her to go into the foster care system. They changed her middle and last name to fit the rest of the family. After being adopted Candice gained two older brothers and an older sister Leon, Elijah and Akanna. Growing up was hard for Candice it seemed everywhere she looked there was nothing but death. Two days before her forth birthday her father was shot to death right in front of when they got caught in the middle of a bank robbery, one of the bank robbers came out shooting. Steve protected her from the gun fire and died in her arm. At the age of eight Candice and her childhood friend Faora were playing on a small bridge after it stopped raining. Candice fell from the bridge after slipping on a puddle of water. Faora jumped in after her and was able to get her to shore. This was the first time Candice went to another dimension. She was taken there by Faora who had the ability to do so. By doing this Faora made it possible for Candice to meet her biological father for the first time. Though Candice's father pulled her out he wasn't able to get Faora who had been forced under the water. Faora somehow reappeared in her home dimension but the force of the water and changing dimensions so quickly she had drowned passing on her gift to Candice. Candice was able to use it to get back home though she had no idea how she did it. When Candice returned she was in the mountains a dragon pulled her out of a lake before she drowned. The dragon introduced himself as Ryumaru and took her home. When she returned she found no one had missed her or had been looking for her. They said she never left and she was found in the water next to Faora who had drowned. Candice returned to her room and found out why no one had missed her she had been there the entire time.

Though young Candice has accomplished many things, such as owning her own company, real estate, a restaurant and is an excellent artist. At the age of sixteen she had done and accomplished more than most adults. Candice is captain of The Ceder Falls High School Dance team, the Ceder Falls Sharks. When Candice became captain she took the team to victory several times before heading to the championships gaining fifteen first place trophies, six second place trophies and two third place trophies. The team won four championship trophies as well. Due to an encounter with another team mate which ended in Candice breaking her jaw. Most of the dance team was disbanded the next year there were only three members left. Though her actions did not get her kicked off the team she had to rebuild the team.

Though she becomes Black Rose, Candice still has the highest grade point average in her grade and higher than most seniors. She could have graduated high school at the age of sixteen. Candice Graduated from school in December not long after she turned seventeen this was because the school refused to take her back after she left.

Candice lost her spot on the dance team when she left home to help her brother and sister find out why her sister was targeted by The Brotherhood. 

Black Rose


Annabel Gardener 

Sinann Annabel’s alter ego. Annabel Became Sinann after being experimented on by Silver Labs. She was rescued by Black Rose and King Cobra. After making it out alive Black Rose then asked Annabel to join her offered her training and a chance to fight at her side. Annabel joined her.

Candice's best friend. Annabel is a computer whiz she can hack into any computer from any computer. In her attempts to join Black Rose Annabel finds out there's more to it then she first thought. She realized that Black Rose's personal feelings were getting in her way on more than one occasion. Annabel maybe a single mistake and Cobra kidnapped Candice. Annabel managed to help Candice escape at a price.

Now she has to work with Black Arrow while Candice and Isabella work to get answers from The Brotherhood of Shadows, she hated every second of it to. She was officially named the second member of The Order, A self proclaimed title beating Black Arrow to the punch.



Black Arrow

He first found Black Rose floating in the water after her fight with Victor White. He then attempted to join her but Sinann would not welcome him into there ranks. On a number of occasions Black Arrow teams up with Black Rose. Now he is apart of her group people call The Order because they do there best to keep order and the peace, The third official member after fighting with Sinann over the second position.

Not too much is known about him except that his father was Victor White 

Mikayla Kieren 




Sun Yi


Thea Rainville